We will train your analysts and students
Because of the complexity and novelty of the algorithms used in MARS, we strongly recommend that your analysts/students take advantage of the various training opportunities we offer. These include courses, workshops, seminars and webinars.
Examples of course format are listed below:
  • A two-day course in our main office in downtown San Diego
  • Same two-day course at a location and facility of your choice
  • Three-day workshop with hands-on training at our facility
  • Same three-day workshop at a location and facility of your choice
If the course/workshop is given at your facility, the cost of the course will be based on a time and material estimate and will be independent of the number of attendants. If your analyst/student will attend the course at our facility, the cost will be based on a fixed fee of $600 (two-day course) and $900 (three-day course) per student based on a minimum attendance of 6 participants with a maximum attendance of 15 participants.
Upcoming Events
  • Three-day course, San Diego (CA) on April 3-5, 2014. Download brochure here. The registration fee of $900 can be paid by online or Form.
For information and registration contact us.